Dr Kaung Myat Thu

Salimon Joseph

Director and Principal Audiologist of Total Hearing Solutions Pty Ltd did his Master of Audiology Studies at internationally reputed University, The University of Queensland in 2005-2006 and become a full member of Audiology Australia, the apex body of Audiologists in Australia and become a Certified Clinical Practitioner (CCP) since 2007.Mr Joseph started his Audiology career with Queensland Health in Paediatric and Adult diagnostic hearing assessments until he decided to move to Kerala, India, end of 2013 to start his own Rehabilitation Audiology clinics and dispensed all international hearing aid brands for the hearing health of his clients, who were hard of hearing. Hearing Specialists who have many years of experience in Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Audiology with an understanding and worked with culturally and linguistically diverse people over a long period of time with a sense and sensibility of their specific needs and the ability to communicate in different languages is a uniqueness of Hearing Specialists at Territory Hearing. We are an independent hearing clinic with no push for a specific hearing aid at our clinic and we associate with almost all major international hearing aid companies at Territory Hearing and clients have many options to choose from. All hearing aid selection processes will be with the consultation with our clients according to their affordability with the technical and expert input from the Hearing Specialist, i.e. Audiologist. Your satisfaction is our happiness and every happy customer will bring more clients to our clinic for their hearing needs.

Australia is a migrant country and Darwin is the multicultural capital of Australia in many respects and there are so many migrants and First Nation People of Australia in Darwin which makes Darwin purely a multicultural and multilingual paradise. We need many Hearing Specialists who understand and are able to speak many languages and are able to understand the unique needs of many long term residents of Darwin and migrants from different countries and the senior citizens continue to speak their mother tongue at home and English outside. There are more migrants from Asia in Darwin due to the close proximity to Asia. 1 in 6 Australians have hearing loss and that number is increasing rapidly due to our aging population and due to other health conditions.

Hearing health not only affects our hearing but it affects our social interactions, emotional wellbeing, can feel a sense of isolation, depression and anxiety and overall wellbeing. Australia has a fantastic Hearing Services Program where people with Centrelink pension and concession card holders and DVA clients with Gold and White cards will be eligible for government funded hearing aids with a provision to upgrade their hearing aids at their own expense.


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